I'm in Vilnius for the work-shop and curatorial think-tank hosted by Jacquelyn Davis named "The Lottery" (more info here). I'm enjoying days with Jacquelyn and the wunderschönes Alida Ivanov and Stefanie Hessler. We visit a whole lot of museums, sites, the great Rupert-site and enjoy fried rye bread every day. Yesterday it was culture night and also the traditional midsummer night in Sweden. And opening of the Dexter Sinister as well as a Steinar Haga Kristensen show at Contemporary Art Center, CAC, a really great space which triggered ideas for exhibitions to be made instantaneously. Not only the gorgeous space in itself, but also the out-door bar where we spent some evenings watching soccer, and in particular we were cheering for the team of Uruguay. In fact all things considered we were not only in high spirit, but also highly inspired and I came up with a brilliant title already: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. But that might be saying too much already, but it is a great idea, and I want to sell it to someone, and when we do: Alida and I are ready! 

Jacquelyn had arranged for a nice presentation between "The Lottery-crew" and the Vilnius art-scene at the really interesting space/place/studio/residency/exhibition-space/old villa named Malonioji6. We met with extremely nice artists and not surprisingly, talented artists as well.

We also ate several times at the restaurant/hotel Neringa, a place that has kept its flavor since the Russian times. Evidently they serve a stunning Kiev chicken, but for us veggies the limitations are of course there. And I'm not recommending to challenge the sommelier either. But a nice vibe, Soviet-old-style.

Discussions evolved not only around The Lottery, Vilnius and sports, we also managed to talk a great deal about two articles on our mind. First of all, the article presented on Artforum on what is labeled as "post-internet art". The label "post-internet art" can make many curators want to puke, and a lot of dealers roll their tongues around their mouth. The article starts off in a nice way, but sort of makes me doze off in the middle, but as much as I hate to admit it, I had to read it through just to be able to say that I have read it, and that I really, really can't see what the fuss is all about. The other topic of the day was on the Jerry Saltz article in Vulture where he coins the OH-SO-USEFUL term "crapstraction". How I enjoy reading Saltz! The term crapstraction was of course used on many occasions in Vilnius but is unfortunately usable in Berlin, or Stockholm to an even greater extent.  Highly recommended reading. There was time for gossip too of course, and for super-duper congratulations to Sefanie Hessler for being one part of the next curatorial team for Momentum biennial in Moss! Hooray! 

Image-set below from the trip, click your way through it, captions if you hover over the images.